New News People Litter

Fresh Reports is a great environmentally friendly pet litter. Is considered 3x more absorbent than traditional clay cat litter box and uses baking soda to help counteract odours through your cats’ spend.

It’s also 99% airborne dust free and non-allergenic making it perfect for individuals with asthma, allergies or various other respiratory circumstances! It is odor-trapping granules are the best in the lecture and work hard to keep your home smelling fresh.

The best part is that Unique News is made from 100% reused paper. This means it can help in order to save trees by simply diverting standard paper from landfills and is eco-friendly!

One bunch of reused paper saves about three cubic yards of landfill space. It can also be composted and employed as a soil amendment or perhaps mulch.

In contrast to traditional litters, Clean News is certainly not crafted from sodium bentonite or different chemicals that react to water and clump when wet. Therefore it does not clog up the litter box, the industry big additionally for people with household pets who have difficulties with odor control and clumping litters.

It might be low-tracking the industry good thing for people with cats that like to path their litter box around the house. Lastly, it is a great way of saving money upon cat cover. It is an cost-effective choice that you and your pet will both appreciate! You can get a pound of it for as little mainly because $1. 49. It is a need to have for any dog owner!

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